With a population of 22,000 estimated in 2008, Wilmington is a part of the Boston metro area. It was incorporated from parts of neighboring Billerica, Reading and Woburn and rose to prominence during the heyday of the Middlesex Canal, a water shipping route that was later superseded by the railroads and the construction of Route 128. Wilmington's historic places include the Col. Joshua Harnden Tavern, named for a prominent family that served among the Minutemen and Union Army, and probably used as a stop on the Underground Railroad. Wilmington residents use the Woburn District Court in nearby Woburn, and can visit criminal defense attorney Kathleen McCarthy's downtown Boston office or her North Andover office. Attorney McCarthy has made countless court appearances on behalf of Wilmington residents, and is thoroughly committed to protecting their rights and freedoms.

Kathleen M. McCarthy is a fearless advocate with more than two decades of experience. She is determined in her defense efforts, which is apparent in the high quality work that she produces. Clients count on Attorney McCarthy and trust in her broad range of talents. Those who retain Kathleen McCarthy enjoy the services of a skilled defense lawyer with a drive. Some seasoned lawyers rest on experience alone. Kathleen McCarthy never rests on her notable experience and impressive track record. Rather, she uses that experience in combination with continuous hard work. When facing a criminal charge, one should retain the best lawyer possible. Attorney McCarthy provides some of the very best representation in the state. If you are a Wilmington resident who has been accused of a crime, speak with Kathleen M. McCarthy as soon as you get a chance.

Law Offices of Kathleen M. McCarthy (978) 975-8060

You can talk to Attorney McCarthy about your case by calling (978) 975 8060. Attorney McCarthy also welcomes e-mails from would-be and current clients, and she always answers them promptly. She makes sure that clients, both new and old, can reach her office at any time. She keeps her office accessible at all hours of day and night, seven days of every week. Being charged with a crime can turn your life upside down, but if you move quickly, you can often get help that eliminates or minimizes the negative consequences. Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Kathleen M. McCarthy can help.

Law Office Locations and Directions

To get to Kathleen McCarthy's North Andover office from Wilmington, take Interstate 93 north to Interstate 495 north. Take exit 44-45 for Merrimack Street, turn left onto Merrimack Street and continue as it becomes Sutton Street. The office will be to your left. If you would prefer to visit her downtown Boston office, take Interstate 93 south into Boston and exit at Government Center (exit 24B-A). Turn left at John F. Fitzgerald Surface Road, right at State Street and left onto Congress Street. Should you need any additional information as to reaching one of her offices, feel free to ask Attorney McCarthy or a staff member.