Miscellaneous Crimes

Massachusetts is the 6th state admitted to the United States and its Constitution dates back to 1780, seven years before the United States Constitution was ratified. Through common law and statutes, Massachusetts laws have been developing for well over 200 years. A large percentage of those laws proscribe specific types of criminal activity. Many of these crimes cannot be classified under larger umbrellas, such as drug crimes or sex crimes. Consequently, our office felt it necessary to identify many of the more common crimes with which people in Massachusetts are charged. Some of the crimes listed below are felonies and the others are misdemeanors.

Felonies in Massachusetts are those crimes that are punishable by a state prison sentence. See G.L. c. 274 §1. All other crimes are misdemeanors. If you have been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor you should consult a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer like Kathleen McCarthy to discuss your rights and establish a strong defense.

Examples of the more common miscellaneous crimes charged in Massachusetts are:

Massachusetts Criminal Attorney Kathleen McCarthy has successfully handled the types of cases identified above and more. If you think you might need criminal representation for one of these offenses, you should contact Attorney Kathleen McCarthy immediately. She will advise you of your rights and how to best defend these accusations. Most of these crimes carry with them possible jail sentences, so it is important that you hire someone who is familiar with the system and has worked both sides, like Kathleen McCarthy. She will fight to get the charges dismissed, negotiate a favorable resolution or try the case to verdict. Call Attorney McCarthy or contact her online to discuss your case.

Case Results » Miscellaneous Crimes
  • Case Dismissed Prior To Arraignment Against Driver Charged With Operating To Endanger [M.G.L. ch. 90 Section 24 (2)(a)]

    A motorist received a summons to appear in a local District Court and answer to a charge of operating a motor negligently so as to endanger the lives of others. The individual contacted our office and Attorney McCarthy appeared in Court on the arraignment date. After reviewing the documents it was clear that the client was only charged with a misdemeanor that did NOT happen in the presence of the police officer. For that reason, he was entitled to a hearing before a clerk-magistrate PRIOR to arraignment. Following a hearing on the motion to judge agreed and case was dismissed and the defendant was NEVER arraigned on the charge. Thus, there was no board of probation record generated and the client walked out of the courthouse without initiating any criminal history.

  • Client Avoids Conviction For Operating Negligently To Endanger On Arraignment Date Despite History With The Courts

    Client was charged with operating a motor vehicle negligently so that the lives and safety of others were endangered. According to the police report the police responded to the scene of a car accident. It was determined that the client's car had driven into a parked and unoccupied car.

    Attorney McCarthy appeared with the client on the date of arraignment. She discussed the client's impressive employment history and educational background and case with the police prosecutor at length. The client had previous entries including charges for operating under the influence and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Depsite this history, the police prosecutor agreed to continue the case for a period of time and provided the client does not get rearrested the case will be DISMISSED. The client walked out of the courtroom without a criminal conviction—AGAIN!

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  • Charge Of Illegal Possession Of Counterfeit Money And Uttering Counterfeit Money Dismissed

    A prospective customer passed a twenty-dollar bill to a store clerk that the clerk determined was a counterfeit bill. The customer explained that he received the bill from a friend and asked the clerk to check a second bill that was determined to be counterfeit. The unhappy customer returned to his friend and explained the situation and they all left the scene. The store clerk kept the alleged counterfeit bills.

    The rejected customer went to the police station and explained that he received the bills from an ex-girlfriend and was not aware that they were counterfeit. The police questioned the former girlfriend and ultimately charged her and a third person with the above charges.

    The former girlfriend retained Attorney McCarthy who immediately reviewed all of the police reports and related discovery. It became clear that the Commonwealth could NOT prove all of the elements of the crimes against her client. McCarthy vigorously explained her client's position to the Assistant District Attorney and the case against her client was dismissed. The client did NOT have to admit to any facts or even pay court costs.

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