Case Results » The Crime of Resisting Arrest in Massachusetts

  • Businessman Receives Pre-Trial Probation For Assault, Resisting Arrest And Related Charges

    The attention of an undercover police officer was drawn to a man "standing in the middle of Huntington Avenue" and refusing to move. The man refused to get out of the street and fight with the officer. According to the police report, another individual came over and also became aggressive with the police. The officers felt that the safety of the defendant and other individuals was in jeopardy and removed the individuals from the street.

    Investigation revealed that the pair had allegedly refused to pay a taxi fare and one of the men assaulted the taxi driver. Both men were arrested and our client was charged with assault, resisting arrest, disorderly person and evading a taxi fare. Any type of conviction or admission could result in repercussions to the client's employment. Attorney McCarthy aggressively pursued a disposition whereby the defendant would be placed on a short period of pre-trial probation. The defendant did receive pre-trial probation and the case will be dismissed after six months without him having to tender any type of admission.