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  • September 1, 2012

    Attorney McCarthy Successfully Secures Harassment Prevention Restraining Order For Fearful Client

    The plaintiff contacted Attorney Kathleen McCarthy 's office inquiring about how to protect herself from a former boyfriend who was incessantly sending her text messages and voice mails. The client was not sure whether to apply for a 209A restraining order or a Harassment Prevention Order pursuant to M.G.L. 258E. After lengthy discussions and reviewing the case, Attorney McCarthy determined that based on the facts, the burden would be met if she applied for a Harassment Prevention Order. Attorney McCarthy accompanied the plaintiff to the hearing and the judge issued a Harassment Prevention Order. The relieved plaintiff left the court with the order in hand.

    If you are looking for a Massachusetts Restraining Order lawyer contact Attorney McCarthy on line or at 978-975-8060. She routinely appears in Boston area court houses including Lawrence, Lowell and Peabody representing plaintiffs and defendants in 209A restraining order hearings and Harassment Prevention hearings.

  • Client Avoids Conviction For Threats To Kill

    According to the police report, a young mother called the police in a panic claming that a male driver [defendant] followed her vehicle, in which she had her two young children. The complaining witness reported that the defendant was beeping the horn to his vehicle while hanging out of the window and yelling. She also alleged that the defendant waved a weapon at her car and threatened to kill her.

    The distraught motorist called the police. After interviewing her, the police approached the client. Prior to retaining defense counsel, the defendant was summonsed for a clerk's hearing. Following the hearing in which the defendant represented himself, a criminal complaint issued for threats to commit a crime to wit to kill.

    The defendant ultimately retained Attorney McCarthy to represent him. Attorney McCarthy investigated the facts surrounding the case and conducted client meetings. Although the client was in his early twenties with no prior record, the District Attorney's Office initially believed that a guilty finding should enter for the defendant. Clearly, a guilty find may have potential consequences for the defendant. Attorney McCarthy engaged in thorough negotiations with the police department and the District Attorney's office and the case was eventually disposed of without a criminal conviction for the defendant. Provided the defendant does not get rearrested and fulfills a few obligations the case will be dismissed. The defendant will not have a criminal conviction on his record.