Case Results » Receiving Stolen Property

  • Client Receives Pre-Trial Probation For One Felony Count Of Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle

    The police chased a motor vehicle and the two occupants ran from the car. The client, passenger, was ultimately apprehended. The car in which the young men were in had recently been stolen and the joy ride quickly turned ugly. Both were charged with a felony count of receiving stolen property.

    Attorney McCarthy conducted negotiations with the District Attorney's Office. The Commonwealth ultimately agreed to continue the case for one year and ordered restitution and counseling for the client. The client did not have to admit to any facts. Provided he does not get in any trouble in one year and performs the above mentioned conditions the case will be dismissed.

  • Charge of Receiving Stolen Property Dismissed Against Local Man/Initial Case

    The police alleged that the defendant committed receiving stolen property by possessing a computer that was stolen from a local high school. If convicted, the defendant faced the possibility of being sentenced to up to five years in state prison or to jail for not more than two and one half years. After reviewing the provided discovery materials, Attorney McCarthy believed that the state could not prove its case against the defendant. On the day of trial she moved to have the charges against the defendant dismissed. The judge allowed the motion and the case was dismissed.