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According to The Salem News, over thirty teenagers will be summonsed to the Haverhill District Court after Police responded to 10 Jones Road as a result of reports for a loud party. It has been reported when the officers arrived to the home on Sunday night they saw a car packed road and the garage door half opened. The Salem News reports that a youth attending the party allowed the officers to enter the home.

Upon entering the basement the police observed more than thirty youths playing “beer pong” with hard alcohol. The police set up a make shift booking area in the basement and called the party goers parents to pick them up. Police Chief James DiGianvittorio explained that he wanted the kids to know that there is a “zero tolerance” policy for alcohol and all of the attendees will be summonsed to court and charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Although this charge is a misdemeanor, a conviction for this type of offense may have criminal and collateral consequences. Although all of the facts are not know in this case, it appears that the fact that the police are summonsing the individuals to court instead of arresting them demonstrates that they realize the negative consequences this type of offense may have on a young adult’s future. If you or a family member is facing this type of charge it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

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