Acton, Massachusetts is a Middlesex County town with more than 21,000 residents in its 20.3 square miles. Acton has five village centers. Acton had a role in the Industrial Revolution and became a center for barrel production. There are many schools and playgrounds in the town, and Acton is known for having great public schools. It offers museums, theatre groups, and two public libraries. The town is served by the commuter rail and certain buses. Concord District Court serves Acton as well as Maynard, Stow, Concord, Carlisle, Lexington, Lincoln and Bedford. If you have been charged with any crime in the Concord District Court or elsewhere, contact experienced Massachusetts defense attorney Kathleen M. McCarthy.

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Kathleen McCarthy is known throughout Middlesex County as one of the best defense lawyers around. She is incredibly committed to representing her clients successfully, and she approaches all of her responsibilities with remarkable zeal. Attorney McCarthy is available to her clients and keeps them up to speed on the status of their cases. She dedicates a substantial amount to time to all of her cases, big and small. Attorney McCarthy is a former prosecutor and offers a perspective from both sides of the courtroom. She has been in criminal practice for more than two decades. Kathleen McCarthy is the type of lawyer that you want on your side when you are facing any criminal consequence.

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Attorney McCarthy focuses exclusively on criminal defense, and she handles cases in all areas of criminal practice, including:

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The Law Offices of Kathleen M. McCarthy is located in North Andover, Massachusetts and can be reached at (978) 975 8060 or through e-mail. Attorney McCarthy’s office accepts client calls and communications 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Attorney McCarthy has a downtown Boston office as well. If you have been charged with a criminal offense and would like to speak with Kathleen M. McCarthy at either one of her office locations, do not wait to schedule a meeting. She will thoughtfully analyze your case and inform you of your legal options. You will leave Attorney McCarthy’s office feeling much better about your circumstances. Attorney McCarthy understands the stressful circumstances created by criminal accusations and knows that having a tough Massachusetts criminal lawyer on your side can help achieve a sense of calm.

The first step in fighting the charges against you is the simple act of contacting an experienced defense attorney for advice. Do not wait to do that. Call the Law Offices of Kathleen M. McCarthy at the number listed above (as soon as possible) to get a free and confidential telephone consultation.