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  • Clerk Declines To Issue Complaint For A Minor In Possession Of Alcohol [M.G.L. ch. 138 Section 34C].

    Following a celebration at the beach, a group of youths found themselves summonsed to court for being a minor in possession of alcohol. According to police, there attention was drawn to a group of young individuals who appeared to have, what appeared to be alcoholic beverages in their hands. Upon approaching the group, the officers questioned who they believed were drinking and smelled the solo cups that they were drinking from. As a result of this, many of the previously excited partiers, were banished from the beach and summonsed to court.

    During the client's court hearing, our office outlined the impressive background of the defendant including his academic, civic and professional accomplishments. Following the hearing the clerk did NOT issue the complaint. Due to the fact that the complaint did NOT issue and the defendant was NEVER arraigned, the unfortunate incident will NEVER interfere with his future educational and employment opportunities.

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  • Court Denies Extending M.G.L. ch. 258E Harassment Prevention Order

    Occupants of a condominium complex became involved in disagreements involving property usage and fees that led to one owner applying for a Harassment Prevention Order against another owner and fellow trustee. During the hearing the complainant alleged a number of occasions in which, in her view, the defendant harassed her. Based on extensive preparation our office was able to demonstrate that her complaints were motivated from her inability to get her way in matters related to the condominium complex. The judge did NOT extend the order.

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  • Case Sealed For Non-Citizen Defendant

    Our office successfully secured the dismissal of a drug case against a non-citizen. However, the individual desired to secure housing and hopefully, a new VISA to attend school in the United States. In order to improve the likelihood of achieving this goal, our office filed a Petition to Seal The Record pursuant to M.G.L. ch. 276 section 100C. This section states in part that when a nolle prosequi or a dismissal has entered and it appears that "substantial justice would be served" the court shall "direct the clerk to seal the records of the proceedings in his files." A Petition to Seal was filed on the defendant's behalf and allowed by the Court.

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  • Client Facing Charges of Breaking and Entering into a Building in the Nighttime with Intent to Commit A Felony [M.G.L. ch. 266 Section 16], Illegal Possession of Marijuana Over 2 Ounces [M.G.L. ch. 94C Section 34], and Trespass [M.G.L. ch. 266 Section 120], To Be Dismissed

    The police were alerted to the fact that a number of youths were congregating in a house that was under construction. A caller supplied the police with the license plate number of a vehicle that was parked near the property. Upon arrival, the police located one of the recent high school graduates who admitted to having been inside the structure and a backpack that the police alleged, appeared to have been recently dropped." Based on information received from the scene the police tracked the defendant down at his home. He was arrested and charged with the above crimes.

    Based on the police report, our office filed a motion to dismiss based on the fact that the unfinished structure did not constitute a building.  After discussing the case with the District Attorney's Office and providing the client's impressive background, including his high school activities, the District Attorney's Office agreed to dismiss the case provided the defendant satisfied certain conditions. The defendant did NOT have to admit to sufficient facts or plead guilty. The defendant and his family left the courtroom very relieved that the case would not impact the defendant's future educational and employment opportunities.

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  • Criminal Charge of Domestic Assault And Battery [M.G.L. ch. 265 section 13M] Dismissed By the Commonwealth

    A young woman entered a local police station and accused her father of hitting her. Based on this report, the police arrested the defendant and charged him with domestic assault and battery. Investigation revealed that the woman had serious credibility issues and incentive to fabricate the report.

    Our office conducted extensive investigation and exposed the weaknesses of the case to the Commonwealth. After reviewing the relevant facts of the case that corroborated the position of the defense, the Commonwealth dismissed the case against the defendant.

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  • Criminal Charge of Sexual Conduct for A Fee [M.G.L. ch. 272 section 53A(b)] Converted To A Civil Infraction

    The police report alleged that during the course of an undercover investigation, Detectives posed as a female and were solicited by the defendant for sex. According to the report, the suspect/defendant agreed to meet an Undercover Detective for an hour of sex with a condom. The officers set up surveillance in the area of the agreed upon meeting point and approached the suspect/defendant at the location. A detective allegedly called the suspect's number. The detective claimed that he saw his department issued number appear on the suspect/defendant's cell phone.

    Attorney McCarthy filed a motion pursuant to M.G.L. ch. 277 Section 70C moving to have the offense converted to a civil infraction. M.G.L. ch. 277 Section 70C provides in part:

    Upon oral motion by the commonwealth or the defendant at arraignment or pretrial conference, or upon the court's own motion at any time, the court may, unless the commonwealth objects, in writing, stating the reasons for such objection, treat a violation of a municipal ordinance, or by-law or misdemeanor offense as a civil infraction. . . . .

    The judge allowed the motion over the Commonwealth's objection. The case was disposed of without criminal consequences for the defendant.

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  • Judge Denies Plaintiff's Request For 258E Harassment Prevention Order

    A plaintiff applied for a Harassment Prevention Order alleging that the defendant/client "harassed" her by calling the police for alleged violations of a 209A order, a phone call placed to the plaintiff in the defendant's efforts to protect her property, and an allegation that the defendant's boyfriend was surveying the home. During the hearing the plaintiff testified and our office conducted a lengthy and effective cross-examination exposing the plaintiff's lack of credibility. The defendant testified and explained the reasons for the phone calls to the plaintiff and the police. Following persuasive closing argument by our office, the judge agreed that the actions of the defendant were not "malicious" and the order was not issued.

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  • Prostitution Case Dismissed Against Non-Citizen

    According to the police report there was suspicion about prostitution being conducted in a massage parlor. Following an undercover investigation the defendant was charged with prostitution. Because of the individual's status as a non-citizen it was crucial to have the case dismissed in order to avoid collateral immigration consequences.

    After reviewing the discovery, it was apparent that a motion to dismiss was a viable option. After discussing the case with the District Attorney's Office they agreed to dismiss it.

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  • Motion To Amend/Vacate 209A Restraining Order Denied

    Our office successfully secured a 209A restraining order for a plaintiff against a roommate and her two children.  Per the order the defendant and her children had to vacate the property on a specific date. The defendant wanted to extend her stay and filed a motion to amend/vacate the 209A restraining order.

    During the hearing our office strongly advocated that the order must stay in effect and any dispute over the division of the real estate and personal property must be resolved in another forum. The judge agreed and the plaintiff walked out of the courthouse excited to go home.

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  • Felony Charge of Malicious Destruction Of Property Valued at Over $250.00 Dismissed On The Trial Date

    The police report alleged that the defendant struck a motor vehicle that was driven by his girlfriend. The police were called and the defendant was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property valued at over $250.00. Pictures were taken of the alleged damage.

    Our office conducted extensive interviews and developed a sound trial strategy. On the day of trial the Commonwealth could not prove how the damage was incurred on the vehicle. The case was dismissed.

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  • M.G.L. ch. 258E Harassment Prevention Order Vacated

    The defendant and the plaintiff owned units in a condominium. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant was abusing her by attempting to collect fees, waving at a camera pointed in a common area and other similar actions.  During an ex-parte hearing the judge issued a M.G.L. ch. 258E Harassment Prevention Order.

    During the two party hearing our office vehemently argued that the actions described by the plaintiff are not the types of behavior that the statute is aimed to prevent. The judge agreed and the order was terminated.

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  • Illegal Possession of Class "C" Substance With Intent to Distribute Dismissed

    Client was charged with possession of a class "C" substance with intent to distribute based on a search of a Fed-Ex package by state and local law enforcement. Upon reviewing the discovery it became apparent that the police had absolutely NO probable cause to seize and search the package. A motion to suppress evidence was promptly filed asserting that he client's state and federal constitutional rights were violated by this improper search.

    On the day of the evidentiary hearing on the motion to suppress evidence the police officers did not show up. Our office explained the circumstances surrounding the illegal search and seizure of the evidence and the Court dismissed the case for lack of prosecution. The relieved client walked out of the courthouse without having to pay court costs and with the case dismissed.

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  • Clerk-Magistrate Denies Criminal Complaint For Shoplifting Against Non-Citizen Defendant

    A non-citizen client received a summons to appear for a Clerk-Magistrate's hearing for shoplifting. Although many individuals believe that this is a minor offense, this type of charge can interfere with someone's efforts to become a U.S. citizen and can also be grounds for deporting a non-citizen from this country.

    Realizing the significance of the charge, our office engaged in lengthy witnesses interviews and prepared a persuasive case for the hearing. Following the presentation of the Commonwealth's case and a presentation by our office which included the defendant's impressive work and civic history the Clerk declined to issue the complaint. The client left the courthouse without having to worry about his status in this country and the possibility of being separated from his family.

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  • Count Of Domestic Assault Dismissed

    Client was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend following an argument at the grocery store. The pair continued the discord in the couple's jeep and eventually the male exited the vehicle. The police report alleged that he hit the car door, causing damage and "assaulted" the driver/girlfriend. The report did NOT indicate that any of the actions by the male were directed to the female or that she was put in fear of any physical harm. Nonetheless, the male was charged with domestic assault.

    Our office carefully reviewed the materials and a motion to dismiss date was set. After Attorney McCarthy pointed out the fact that the police report failed to allege a crime in this area, the Assistant District Attorney agreed to dismiss the charge.

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  • M.G.L. Chapter 209A Restraining Order Extended For One Year

    A plaintiff applied for and was granted a temporary 209A restraining order against her estranged husband during an ex-parte hearing. Upon realizing that her husband would appear at the extension hearing, our office was hired to present evidence relative to the plaintiff's need to extend of the order for one year.

    Our office did extensive interviews with the plaintiff and reviewed evidence. Following the plaintiff's emotional testimony her disgruntled husband testified alleging that any physical incidents were due to the wife's inappropriate behavior. After a lengthy and effective cross-examination of the defendant, the judge agreed with our position and the restraining order was extended for one year.

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  • Judge Denies Plaintiff's Request To Extend M.G.L. ch. 209A Restraining Order Against Client

    A defendant contacted our office after being served with a M.G.L. ch. 209A restraining order initiated by his former fiancé.  Our office scrupulously examined the affidavit and prepared a lengthy cross-examination of the plaintiff to put all of her allegations in perspective. Through an effective examination of the plaintiff, it was clarified that most of her complaints stemmed from incidents dating back from nine to twelve months. The most recent contact was a coincidental crossing of the pair's paths that led to the plaintiff to filing the restraining order. During the hearing it was demonstrated that after this chance encounter, the plaintiff contacted the defendant and the defendant never responded.  Counsel vehemently argued that the plaintiff failed to establish that the defendant's actions put her in reasonable apprehension of IMMEDIATE SERIOUS PHYSICAL HARM.  The judge declined to extend the order for a year. The client walked out of the courthouse relieved.

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  • Clerk Magistrate Declines to Issue Complaint for Leaving the Scene of an Accident After Causing Property Damage Despite Defendant's Record

    The defendant was on probation for a serious crime in another court when he received a summons to appear for an arraignment on the charge of leaving the scene of an accident after causing property damage to a home. Realizing that if the defendant was arraigned he would fact a surrender hearing in another court, our office filed a MOTION TO DISMISS PRIOR TO ARRAIGNEMNT claiming that the client was entitled to a clerk's hearing because the charge was a misdemeanor which was not committed in the presence of a police officer.  The judge agreed and the complaint was dismissed.

    The police resubmitted the paperwork and the client received notification of a Clerk-Magistrate's hearing. Our office successful argued that although the defendant had a criminal record, he was doing well professionally and personally at this time and requested that the clerk not issue process. The clerk agreed and the complaint did NOT issue.

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  • Attorney McCarthy Prevents Extension of M.G.L. Chapter 209A Restraining Order

    A disagreement between mother and daughter resulted in the daughter seeking an ex-parte 209A order against her mother. The estranged daughter alleged that her mother was following her and her children, trying to contact her children and making unwanted contact with her family. During the extension hearing Attorney McCarthy conducted cross-examination of the plaintiff.  Following the evidentiary hearing it was clear that the plaintiff had failed to meet the standard and that she was NOT in reasonable apprehension of immediate serious bodily harm. The judge refused to extend the order as requested by the plaintiff. The client walked out of the courtroom relieved.

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  • Attorney McCarthy Assists Plaintiff In Securing A 209A Restraining Order

    A very frightened plaintiff contacted our office requesting assistance relative to filing a 209A restraining order against the father of her child. The individual described occasions when she was put in reasonable apprehension of immediate physical harm. Our office conducted interviews and attended the initial hearing with her. After hearing from the plaintiff, the judge entered an order that required the defendant to stay away and have no contact with the plaintiff and child. The client left the courthouse feeling very relieved.

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  • Client Avoids Commitment After Receiving A Probation Violation Notice

    A Client was put on probation following a conviction for serious offenses. The terms of probation included random drug and alcohol testing. The client received notice that his probation officer wanted to surrender him based on testing positive for alcohol and missing a drug test.

    After investigating the circumstances surrounding the alleged "surrender," Attorney McCarthy negotiated a disposition that did NOT require the defendant to spend any time in custody and the term of probation was NOT extended.

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  • M.G.L. Chapter 209A Restraining Order Extended For One Year For Plaintiff/Client Following Evidentiary Hearing

    An evidentiary hearing was scheduled following a one party hearing, in which the plaintiff, with the assistance of our office, received a temporary 209A Order. During this extension hearing, through witness testimony and strong advocacy by our office, the judge extended the order for one year. The order required that the defendant not contact and not abuse the mother of his child and their son. The plaintiff left the building feeling safe.

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  • Client Avoids Charge Of Negligent Operation Of A Motor Vehicle Despite Accident

    Police responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident. When the officers arrived they observed two vehicles that appeared to have sustained heavy damage. One of the cars had flipped onto its roof and was in the center of the road. The other car, which was previously parked, was on a front lawn.

    The operator of the car that had been flipped received a summons for a clerk-magistrate hearing relative to the charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Our office thoroughly researched the circumstances surrounding the accident. During the hearing our office outlined that the defendant had suffered a medical incident while driving. A police report was produced that corroborated our position and no complaint was issued.

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  • Clerk Denies Application For Criminal Complaint Charging Assault And Battery

    A driver became annoyed when another motorist was discharging passengers in the middle of the street. After exchanging harsh words, the motorist began following the driver. Unfortunately an altercation ensued that resulted in the driver being charged with assault and battery. The charge stemmed from the motorist claiming that the driver spit at him during a confrontation.

    The driver received a summons for criminal complaint for assault and battery. Prior to the hearing the driver represented his version of events that included the motorist making racially improper statements to him and committing and assault and battery on him. A hearing was scheduled for the cross-complaints to be heard by a clerk magistrate. Following the hearing the client, driver, walked away without being charged with a crime.

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  • Client Avoids Charge Of Being A Minor Transporting Alcohol

    An undercover police officer observed a case of alcohol being placed in the trunk of a car full of young adults. The officer ran the license plate which came back to an individual who was twenty years old. Based on that information, the car was pulled over and the driver produced his license. Although the driver was NOT the registered owner or the person that purchased the alcohol he was charged with being a minor transporting alcohol.

    The driver was summonsed to court. Our office outlined all of the individual's accomplishments and commitment to the community. Following the hearing the clerk agreed NOT to issue the complaint provided that the client avoids any problems for a period of time. The client will NOT be arraigned therefore, there will be NO record of the incident.

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  • Assault And Battery Charge Dismissed Prior To Arraignment

    Following a clerk-magistrate's hearing a clerk issued a complaint that charged the defendant with assault and battery. The charge stemmed from an altercation that occurred at a local gym. Unfortunately, both participants were charged with the same crime.

    Prior to arraignment, Attorney McCarthy reached out to the prosecuting attorney and explained that at this time neither party wanted to pursue the charges. Although the case was the "Commonwealth's case" and not the parties, the prosecutor agreed not to prosecute as each individual had a 5th Amendment privilege not to testify. Resolving the case in this manner, early and prior to arraignment, ensures that the case will NEVER appear on a background check.

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  • Defendant Avoids Jail On Probation Surrender

    A young adult received a split sentence for a serious felony case in the district court. After serving three months in prison, he was released and agreed to follow terms of probation that included bi-monthly reporting. The defendant lost track of his calendar and failed to report to his officer. The probation department issued a probation surrender notice.

    Our office conducted lengthy interviews with the individual. After effectively explaining that there was a miscommunication by the probation department that led to the surrender notice, the court agreed to continue the defendant's probation on the previously imposed terms. The client walked out of the courthouse relieved.

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  • Client Avoids Custody While Removal A Default Warrant

    A concerned probationer contacted our office when he heard from local law enforcement that there was a default warrant issued for his arrest. Upon investigation it became apparent that the perplexed defendant had failed to report to probation in order to extend the time period to pay outstanding restitution. Attorney McCarthy prepared the appropriate documents and conducted interviews and went to the courthouse with the understandably anxious client. After explaining the misunderstanding to the probation officer and the judge the client was released with his probation extended for few months allowing him to pay off the balance of the debt. The client walked out of the courthouse relieved without having to spend any time in custody.

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  • Client Avoids Drunk Driving Conviction

    A State Trooper's attention was drawn to a car that was traveling on two flat tires. Upon pulling the vehicle over he noticed that the operator had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and slurred his speech. The driver agreed to participate in field sobriety tests and unfortunately, in the Trooper's opinion; he did not pass the tests. The out of state driver was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol [M.G.L. Chapter 90 section 24].

    The District Attorney's Office took an aggressive stance due to the facts of the case. The out of state client needed the case resolved without a conviction to ensure he could travel in and out of the United States without restrictions. Our office aggressively represented our client and the judge agreed to continue the case for a year and provided client satisfies certain conditions the case will be dismissed.

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  • Leaving The Scene Of An Accident Charge Dismissed Prior To Arraignment

    The defendant received notice that he was being arraigned for leaving the scene of an accident after hitting a mailbox while plowing snow. [M.G.L. Chapter 90 Section 24 (2) (a)]. Although the operator reported the incident to his insurance company he was unaware of his obligation to immediately notify the property owner of the damage and provide his name and insurance information.

    A few weeks after the incident he received notification that he was going to face a misdemeanor criminal charge of leaving the scene of an accident after causing property damage. Upon contacting our office we informed him that because the charge is a misdemeanor he was entitled to a clerk-magistrate's hearing. Our office filed the appropriate paperwork and the judge dismissed the case prior to arraignment. There will be NO criminal history entry on client's CORI related to this charge.

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  • Clerk Finds No Probable Cause For Felony Charge of Larceny Over $250

    After years of being divorced, a disgruntled spouse applied for a criminal application claiming that her ex improperly used a credit card issued in her name to purchase items valued over $250. See, M.G.L. chapter 266 section 30. Attorney McCarthy conducted a lengthy and thorough investigation into these claims. During the hearing she illustrated that the client paid the credit card bill and thus, lacked the specific intent to permanently deprive the complainant of anything. The clerk agreed and the client left the courthouse and the felony complaint did not issue.

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  • Client Avoids Facing Charge For Improper "Garaging" Of A Motor Vehicle

    An out of state resident allowed her son to use her car for transportation. She was unaware of the Massachusetts statue that requires that a motor vehicle that is "under control of a resident" in Massachusetts must be registered in this state. Allowing a vehicle to be garaged here for more than thirty day under these circumstances can result in criminal charges against the registered owner. See, M.G.L. chapter 90 section 3.

    Upon receiving a summons for a Clerk-Magistrate's hearing the registered owner, helpful mother, contacted our office. Attorney McCarthy familiarized herself with the facts and effectively represented the client's situation to the clerk. The clerk declined to issue the complaint ant the defendant walked out of the courthouse relieved, as she did NOT have to face a judge. The criminal application was dismissed.

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  • Charges Of Disorderly Person, Resisting Arrest And Illegal Possession Of A Class A Substance, To Wit, Heroin Dismissed

    Police officers claimed to observe, what they believed to be, a drug transaction. They followed the defendant and he ran away-allegedly into traffic. When they caught up to him he was questioned about his activities. Ultimately, illegal product was found on his person and he was arrested. He faced charges of being a disorderly person [M.G.L. chapter 272 Section 53], resisting arrest [M.G.L. chapter 268 Section 32B] and illegal possession of a class "A" substance to wit heroin.

    Attorney McCarthy appropriately argued that running from the police does NOT satisfy the elements of the crime of resisting arrest. Additionally, the Commonwealth could not prove the offense of "disorderly person" because the public was NOT inconvenienced by the defendant's actions. These two charges were dismissed and the possession case will be dismissed in a short period of time provided the defendant satisfies certain conditions.

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  • Non-Citizen Client Avoids Charge Of Violation Of A Harassment Prevention Order Following A Clerk-Magistrates Hearing

    After receiving notification that an unhappy ex-girlfriend secured a M.G.L. ch.258E Harassment Prevention Order against him, the dejected ex-boyfriend believed he was on his best behavior. Much to his surprise, he received notification that his ex claimed that he violated the order by contacting her mother through Facebook.

    The defendant promptly contacted our office and the investigation began. During the Clerk-Magistrate's hearing Attorney McCarthy successfully argued that any alleged contact was not a violation as there was NO intent to contact the plaintiff. Additionally, she emphasized the client's impressive educational, professional and philanthropic background. The clerk did NOT issue the complaint and provided there are no further incidents the defendant will NEVER appear before a judge. The client left the courthouse relieved with the fact that the does not have to be concerned about any collateral immigration consequences.

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  • Client Avoids Felony Conviction For Intimidation Of A Witness And Domestic Assault Despite Prior Record

    A disagreement between two frustrated spouses resulted in the husband being charged with domestic assault [M.G.L. ch. 265 s. 13M]. The pair ultimately was allowed to reside in the same home. Unfortunately, the contact resulted in the husband facing an additional felony charge of intimidation of a witness [M.G.L. ch. 268 s. 13B]. The Commonwealth moved to have the defendant held pursuant to the "Dangerousness Statute." Following a lengthy hearing the defendant was allowed to leave the courthouse.

    Unfortunately for the client, a guilty finding on a felony would result in the loss of his job. Our office thoroughly investigated the circumstances surrounding the incidents. Our office aggressively litigated the case and ultimately the judge agreed to continue the case for a period of time and provided certain conditions are satisfied the case will be dismissed. Our client left the courthouse relieved with his employment in tact.

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  • Non-Citizen Placed On Pre-Trial Probation And Avoids Immigration Consequences

    A non-citizen college student was charged with illegal distribution of a "Class D" [M.G.L. ch. 94C s.32C] substance after undercover police officers observed her exchanging the product for cash at a local park. The officers quickly approached the young woman and arrested her. She immediately realized the gravity of her mistake when she was told that any type of admission or conviction for this type of offense would result in her deportation and inability to re-enter the country.

    Our office went to work immediately and highlighted her impressive educational background and her civic contributions to the District Attorney's Office. Eventually, the prosecution agreed to continue the case for a period of time and provided there are no more issues—the case will be dismissed. Negotiating this disposition avoided collateral immigration consequences for the client.

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  • Clerk Declines To Issue Felony Complaint For Larceny Over $250.00

    A young college student left a local college when members of an athletic team claimed that he stole personal items from the dorm room that were valued over $250.00. The fact that the student left the school raised some eyebrows and he was summonsed in for a Clerk Magistrates hearing for larceny of property over $250.00. M.G.L. Chapter 266 Section 30.

    Attorney McCarthy interviewed the client at length. During the hearing our office emphasized the client's impressive background and lack of motive to commit the crime. The clerk did not issue the complaint and the client walked out of the courthouse relieved.

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  • Court Terminates M.G.L. ch. 209A Restraining Order Following Evidentiary Hearing

    The Court granted a disgruntled ex-girlfriend a temporary 209A restraining order based on her allegations that the defendant threatening her and continuously contacting her through text messages and emails.

    During the extension hearing Attorney McCarthy cross-examined the plaintiff and exposed her unreasonableness and lack of credibility. McCarthy emphasized to the judge that the plaintiff failed to allege acts that indicated that she was put in reasonable fear of imminent serious bodily harm. The Court agreed and vacated the order.

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  • Judge Dismissed Case Charging Defendant With Lewd And Lascivious Behavior

    The police arrested the defendant after security personnel viewed footage and claimed that the defendant was openly "pleasuring himself" in a mall parking lot. The problem for the Commonwealth was that NO-ONE viewed his activities. The defendant was arrested and charged with Open and Gross Lewdness and Lascivious Behavior in violation of M.G.L. ch. 272, section 16.

    Attorney McCarthy argued that the conduct was not viewed directly be anybody – therefore it was not "open" and there was nobody that was alarmed or shocked by the defendant's behavior. For these reasons, the elements of the crime were not met. A judge eventually agreed and the case was dismissed.

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  • Defendant Relesed From Custody After Being Held For Violating Exclusionary "GPS" Zones

    The defendant's ankle bracelet alarm was activated. For this reason, a warrant issued for him; he was arrested and spent the night in jail. The next day in court the probation department moved to have him surrendered based on the fact that he traveled into the "exclusionary" zones causing his ankle bracelet to go off.

    Our office reviewed the appropriate documents and argued that the defendant did NOT travel into the exclusionary zone and that the "ELMO" should not have gone off.  Through the hearing it was demonstrated that the defendant was not at the forbidden address but just on the street. This was illustrated through the cross-examination of the probation officer, the "ELMO" documents and the probation contract. By the end of the hearing the judge agreed and held that the defendant had NOT violated ANY terms of his probation. He was released from custody and walked out of the courthouse.

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  • Not Guilty Verdict Returned On An Identify Fraud Case Against Doctor

    The Commonwealth charged the defendant, an established doctor, with Identify Fraud. [M.G.L. Ch. 266 §37E]. During the trial, the prosecutor claimed that the defendant committed Identify Fraud by posing as the victim and sending poorly written e-mails to medical residency programs in an alleged effort to interfere with the victim's opportunity to be admitted to the programs. The Commonwealth connected the defendant to the alleged email(s) through an "IP" address that listed the defendant's name as the subscriber and by claiming that the correspondences in question contained information that the complaining witness had ONLY shared with the defendant.

    Attorney McCarthy focused on the very weak forensic connection highlighting that the IP address from which the email account was set up was NOT the one associated to the defendant's name, the email header information from the actual email was not sent from the IP address connected to the defendant's name and the Commonwealth DID NOT have the actual device from which the offending emails were sent from. Additionally, McCarthy illustrated that the information contained in the emails was actually general information about the complaining witness that other people were aware of.

    A NOT GUILTY verdict was returned.

  • Default Warrant Removed And Case Dismissed For Out Of State Defendant Without His Presence

    An out of state individual contacted our office because he harbored concerns about traveling due to an outstanding default warrant for larceny over $250, a felony offense under G.L. c. 266  Section 30. We investigated the underlying reasons for the warrant and filed the appropriate motion to request that the case be disposed of without requiring the out of state defendant's presence in Court. Our office assisted the client in ensuring that all conditions of probation were satisfied. Upon making this showing and litigating the motion, the judge terminated probation and dismissed the case against the defendant. The client was free to travel – worry free!

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  • Young Professional Avoids Conviction For Drug Offense

    A casual drive with a friend took a bad turn when the police pulled the defendant's car over and ordered the driver and passenger from the vehicle. The police alleged that they saw what they believed was a drug transaction between the passenger and another male. The police confiscated four Percocets from the car and charged both individuals with illegal possession of a Class "B" substance to wit Percocet. See, M.G.L. Chapter 94C section 34.

    The driver of the car retained our office and we went right to work. Attorney McCarthy contacted the District Attorney's office prior to the arraignment date and outlined the defendant's impressive educational and charitable background and his future good opportunities for employment. On the day of arraignment the ADA agreed to continue the case for a few months. Provided the defendant satisfied a few conditions the case will be dismissed.

    The client did NOT have to admit to sufficient facts and was NOT found guilty. He walked out of the courtroom relieved that his job would not be jeopardized.

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  • Attorney McCarthy Successful Argues For An Initial Issuance of a 258E Harassment Prevention Order And For A One Year Extension Of The Order

    A friendly relationship between neighbors turned sour when one neighbor repeatedly threatened the other's dog, kicked in a fence a boundary fence a number of times, intimidated the family with the car and threw the carcass of a dead animal on their property. Fed up and afraid for their family's safety, the plaintiffs applied for a 258E Harassment Prevention Order. A District Court Judge allowed the initial ex-part order.

    Approximately one week later, both sides appeared in court. The plaintiffs wanted the judge to extend the order and the defendant wanted the judge to vacate the order.

    During the hearing our office emphasized the fact that the defendant's improper actions were clearly directed at them, that there were three or more acts of harassment with the intent to intimidate the neighbors and the neighbors were in fact intimidated. Following a lengthy hearing, the judge agreed with the plaintiffs and extended the order for one year. The plaintiffs left the courthouse feeling relieved and safer.

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