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Could Marijuana Become Legal in Massachusetts?

You can add Massachusetts’s lawmakers to the list as the most recent group of state legislators looking into the possibility of legalizing marijuana at the state level. Fifteen lawmakers in Massachusetts are in support of a bill, referred to as H.1561, that would tax and regulate the marijuana industry in Massachusetts, bringing the billion-dollar illegal marijuana trade in Massachusetts into a legitimate business sphere where state coffers can benefit from the sale and taxation of marijuana. In addition to producing a new revenue stream for the state, legalizing marijuana would reduce crime by eliminating minor marijuana criminal offenses. Continue reading


Drug Ring and Attempted Murder Arrest in Boston

Sometimes crimes can seem like something out of a movie or television drama once all of the facts surrounding the case come to light. A recent incident involving a Massachusetts high school dean and his alleged involvement in a drug ring rises to a level of Hollywood drama worthy of an Emmy nomination. Continue reading


Criminal Records and Prospective Employment

If you have a criminal record, it can add a layer of complication to your life when it comes to getting a job. Getting arrested and convicted for a violent crime or a drug crime could have a lingering effect on your career. Under Massachusetts state law, employers are not permitted to ask you about any criminal convictions you have had in the first stage of the application process. This means that on an initial job application, prospective employers may not inquire about your criminal record. However, once you have successfully made it to the interview stage, more information about your criminal past might come out into the open. This post examines criminal records and prospective employment.  Continue reading


Drug Evidence Based On Flawed Lab Results

Imagine facing a drug offense. You were arrested, an alleged “drug” sample was taken from you during your arrest, you were charged, and are now facing trial. What if you learned that during the testing of the alleged “drug” sample, the lab analyst mishandled the sample? What if they merely visually inspected it, rather than conducted chemical analysis on the sample and then reported the result? What if those results were used at your trial? Its simply unfair. However, prosecutors unwittingly used drug evidence based on flawed lab results to obtain convictions. Hiring a lawyer to investigate this occurrence and to overturn your conviction or get you a new trial might be your next step.   Continue reading


Is The Smell of Pot Enough For a Search

Whether pot should be legal is a hot topic across the country. Several states have enacted laws legalizing the use and possession of marijuana, and many other states are considering similar legislation. Many think that Massachusetts may become one of the next states to legalize pot, and marijuana is already legal in the Bay State for medical use. Possession of marijuana for personal use has been decriminalized in Massachusetts, and being caught with one ounce or less in your possession is a civil offense and requires the payment of a fine of no more than $100. Getting caught with more than an ounce for personal use is a misdemeanor and could carrying some jail time and a fine. Significant jail time and hefty fines still exist for those individuals who get caught with a large amount of pot in their possession. So a question in marijuana drug cases that seems to arise is “is the smell of pot enough for a search?” Continue reading

A cocaine possession charge can have drastic consequences on your life, both personally and professionally. In Massachusetts, a cocaine possession charge can result in serious jail time and fines, along with the one-year loss of driving privileges. If you are facing a charge of cocaine possession, don’t fight the case on your own. Instead, consult an experienced local defense lawyer to fight for your best interests.

Cocaine Possession in Massachusetts

Cocaine Possession in Massachusetts

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Cocaine powder

Defend Yourself Against a Drug Trafficking Charge

A drug trafficking charge in Massachusetts is much more serious than straight possession.   If a guilty verdict is reached, you will face serious jail time and fines, in addition to personal and professional losses. Hiring a lawyer experienced in local drug law is the only way to avoid these severe penalties and salvage your reputation. The article examines how to defend yourself against a drug trafficking charge.  Continue reading

Heroin is considered a class “A” substance in Massachusetts because it is a highly addictive controlled substance. It is commonly referred to as dope,  and sometimes by its color, such as brown, or black tar heroin. Once heroin enters the body, it converts into morphine, which causes the user to experience a sense of relaxation and euphoria, also known as a high. Overdosing on heroin is fairly common as users develop a severe addiction to the controlled substance.  Several Massachusetts heroin drug charges are prosecuted daily in most Massachusetts courts.

Massachusetts Heroin Drug Charges

Massachusetts Heroin Drug Charges

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Drug Distribution Defense in Massachusetts

Drug Distribution Defense in Massachusetts

Controlled substances are drugs or prescription medications that can be so dangerous when consumed that their distributions is regulated. Controlled substances can include prescription medications such as oxycontin, as well as illegal drugs, including marijuana, heroin, cocaine  and other narcotic agents. In Massachusetts, no one is permitted to be in possession of a controlled substance, unless he or she obtains the substance from a professional with the authority to administer, or prescribe, such a substance. The only exception to this is that it is not a criminal violation to be in possession of an ounce or less of marijuana.

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