Over the Holidays, Haverhill was startled by vandalism of a Nativity scene displayed in front of Sacred Hearts Church on Christmas day. A religious statue was stolen and replaced with a severed pig head. There were concerns that the vandalism was a hate crime or was meant to convey an anti-religious message to the community. However, police have identified a mentally ill homeless woman as the culprit, the Lawrence Eagle Tribune reports._45565309_tv005148585 Continue reading

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Distracted Driving Charge

Under Massachusetts law, a “distracted driving” charge is a serious offense than can bring severe fines, penalties, and even result in a charge of manslaughter if the accident resulted in injury or death. For this reason, it is crucial to understand the state’s definition of “distracted driving” and the potential repercussions if you are charged with the offense. Continue reading

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False Allegations of Domestic Assault

Domestic assault can be a sensitive topic for many different reasons. On the one hand, when domestic assault allegations are true, it means that one family or household member has suffered an assault at the hands of someone else in the family or household. On the other hand, when false allegations of domestic assault are made, it means that someone is lying about being the victim of domestic assault for strategic legal gains. Continue reading

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Defense Against a Domestic Assault Allegation

Unfortunately, many domestic violence cases turn into a “he said/she said” scenario. When a lack of reliable evidence is present, justice is left at the door. But it doesn’t have to be. If you have been falsely accused of domestic assault, you can protect yourself by taking thorough and accurate pictures of the incident and injuries you received. This will help mount your defense against a domestic assault allegation.  Continue reading

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Domestic Assault Charge

A domestic assault charge is a serious crime with severe penalties and fines.  But the costs do not stop there.  A conviction carries with it life-long personal and professional consequences.  If you have been charged with domestic violence, a skilled attorney can help you understand the repercussions and provide you with your best course of legal action. Continue reading


Criminal Consequences of a Parental Kidnapping Charge

How can a parent be charged with kidnapping their own child? The answer: easily. Out of 260,000 kidnapping cases each year, 200,000 of those cases involve members of the child’s own family. Often, the kidnapping charge is the result of an ongoing custody or divorce battle, and many times the person charged had no ill will or malice in their actions. Nonetheless, kidnapping is a federal offense and a state offense, and a conviction could lead to drastic personal and financial consequences. There are severe criminal consequences of a parental kidnapping charge.  Continue reading


DUI Trial Strategies

A DUI conviction carries with it serious consequences and hefty fines. That is why it is so important for you to present your strongest possible defense to the charges against you.There are a number of different DUI trial strategies that your criminal attorney can use to help fight your charges. Powerful evidence that indicates your innocence can move a judge or jury to decide in your favor. Some of the most influential evidence takes the form of witness, or expert witness, testimony. Furthermore, a lack of evidence could be a grounds for your attorney to make a motion to dismiss the charges against you. The point is, there are a number of avenues that your experienced DUI criminal defense lawyer can explore to make your DUI charges go away. Continue reading

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Challenge the Prosecution in a Domestic Assault Case

Few things are more damaging to a person’s professional and public reputation than a false accusation of domestic assault.   However, too many defendants assume the system errs on the side of the alleged victim.  The truth is that with swift action and a skilled criminal defense team, justice can be reached.  The following are a few of the most effective defenses used by skilled defense attorneys to obtain a fair exoneration for their clients who were wrongfully accused. Always remember to challenge the prosecution in a domestic assault case.  Continue reading

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Prosecutors Can Use Your Social Medial Information Against You

Believe it or not, there are virtually no laws limiting the way police and prosecutors use your private information online.  For this reason, social media sites have become a veritable playground for criminal investigators.  Information is used to defame a defendant well before trial and even used at times to lead to an arrest.  Prosecutors looking for ways to seal their case will scourge information in these accounts to defame the defendant’s character.  The smallest post or picture can be twisted to support their case. For the reasons below, consider suspending all social media use or consult an attorney on how to repair any damage that has already been done. Remember, prosecutors can use your social media information against you.  Continue reading

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