If you supply or hold guns you face serious felony charges.

An unfortunate scenario that often lands women in trouble with the law is when they unwittingly become involved in the illegal holding, supplying, or trafficking of weapons to those who are not permitted by law to have them. Many women find themselves pressured by family members, husbands, boyfriends, etc. to serve as a straw purchaser, someone who buys a gun or other weapon on behalf of someone else who is unable to purchase the gun or weapon themselves. If you supply or hold guns you face serious criminal legal problems.  Continue reading


Massachusetts Drug Offense Conviction

One of the lesser known but significantly impactful consequences of a Massachusetts drug offense conviction is that you will lose your driver’s license. Under 540 CMR 20.03, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will suspend your driving abilities when you violate the Controlled Substance Law of the Commonwealth (M.G.L. c. 94C) or the controlled substance laws of any other state or country. Driver’s licenses can be suspended for one to five years depending on the drug conviction. Continue reading


Ignorance of the Law is Not a Defense

There are plenty of instances in which someone does something illegal without knowing that it is a violation of the law. Ignorance of the law is not a defense to committing a crime and only in the most limited of circumstances can ignorance of the law be used to help reduce the charges pending against the unwitting perpetrator. Continue reading


Heroin Trafficking Defense Attorney

Fentanyl is an opioid used for pain management therapies that has become a popular street drug in recent years. It is classified as a Class B controlled substance under Mass. Gen. Laws Chapter 94C, Section 31. It is used to cut heroin, cocaine, and other drugs, often without the knowledge of the person taking the drugs. Fentanyl is a powerful drug that increases the potency of heroin and other drugs when mixed with them. Heroin overdose deaths in Massachusetts have been on the rise for many years, and increasingly, toxicology investigations find that the fentanyl being mixed with the heroin is contributing to these deaths. Continue reading


Body Cameras…They Might Help You Win Your Case

In light of so many instances of police-involved shootings over the past year across the country, the Boston City Council is considering a proposed pilot program that would have Boston city police wearing body cameras to record officers’ activities, CBSBoston reports. The purpose of the cameras would be to observe the officers’ actions in an unbiased way, including their interactions with civilians and suspects. Continue reading

Cruelty to animals is a crime, but in terms of being reported as a crime on the National Incident Based Reporting System, instances of animal cruelty have always been reported under the category of “all other offenses”. The U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation recently announced thCriminal-Defense-001at this practice is about to change and that instances of animal cruelty will be reported as their own crime, WCVB5 News reports. Continue reading


When Toy Guns Look Real

Boston police have recently called for legislation to be put into place concerning toy and replica guns. Not only are BB guns and air rifles commonly used by teens to commit acts of vandalism such as the destruction of property. In light of the recent rash of highly publicized instances of police shooting innocent people and people starting to fire shots back at the police, law enforcement officers have been on high alert when it comes to identifying potential shooting threats. Since officers are on edge and are concerned about their safety while on the job, things can get very dangerous very quickly if an officer mistakes a toy gun for the real thing. When toy guns look real confusion ensues. Continue reading


Heroin Trafficking

At the end of June, police stumbled onto evidence of heroin trafficking activity while investigating a home invasion, which lead to the discovery of one of the largest drug crimes ever in New England. News reports that more than $2.2 million dollars worth of heroin cut with fentanyl (a highly potent opioid) was recovered along with over $200,000 in cash. Continue reading


Threatening To Commit A Crime

Many people in Massachusetts underestimate the power that making a threat can have. Most people think that a threat is just words and that it is okay to make idle threats when you are mad. However, Massachusetts law enforcement takes threatening to commit a crime very seriously. Below are a few recent news reports in which people were charged with threatening to commit a crime, to illustrate just how common these cases are. Continue reading


Involuntary Manslaughter and Gun Charges

Early this month, a Boston man was convicted for involuntary manslaughter for the death of a victim who died from a fatal asthma attack, reports. In January of 2012, Michael Stallings, 26 years old, instigated a shooting on a group of men, allegedly as an act of gang violence. While not a single bullet hit any of the men, the incident triggered an asthma attack in one of the men, Kelvin Rowell, age 40, as Rowell was fleeing from the perceived danger of the shots fired. Rowell was a bystander and not part of the alleged gang quarrel. Rowell was taken to the hospital where he stayed for over a month before he ultimately fell into a coma and died. Continue reading

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